WP2: Biosynthetic animal protein case studies

Synthetic protein based consumer products as yet unavailable in Norway – but what products are likely to become available and when? In this part of the project we will review four areas where alternatives to animal protein are being developed:

1) Vegetable based meat/milk substitutes – e.g. Beyond Meat, Impossible Burger
2) ‘Low-grade’ synthetic proteins used in the animal feed industry
3) Fermented proteins – e.g. milk, gelatine, egg white, collagen
4) Cellular proteins – e.g. beef, fish, chicken, prawns

We will use the study of the growth of vegetable-based meat/milk substitutes to investigate the process of transition to meat substitutes as there are no well-known examples of biosynthetic protein products currently on the market. In the studies on synthetic protein we will examine the start-up companies. While companies do not reveal the secrets behind their processes, many have explained in press interviews what they are doing or what they are planning to do. We will conduct a desktop analysis of newspapers, web pages, company documents, videos, and journal articles where we will:

1) assess the state of development of the start-up companies
2) examine the financing of start-ups
3) assess what resourcing and technological developments are necessary for upscaling production
4) review regulatory obstacles
5) review the potential of different products (e.g. meat, fish, minced beef, steak)
6) establish a tentative timeline for potential product development.

Leaders: Dr Rob Burton (Ruralis)
Ass. Prof. Martin Hohmann-Marriott (NTNU Biotechnology and Food Sciences).